How unhealthy is it to eat a rotisserie chicken multiple nights a week to gain muscle?

How unhealthy is it to eat a rotisserie chicken multiple nights a week to gain muscle?

How unhealthy is it to eat a rotisserie chicken multiple nights a week to gain muscle?

I’m a scrawny college kid trying to get a little more ripped so I’m more confident and more of a competition against other guys. I lift 6 days a week, working muscle groups twice a week, and I drink protein like Muscle Milk, Cytogainer, etc. I try to eat eggs for breakfast and other protein throughout the day. I don’t have the stomach to eat 6 meals a day, so I’ve been eating a whole rotisserie chicken at night. I got the idea from Hugh Jackman talking about clearing out chicken farms in order to get jacked for his Wolverine movie. But I was looking at the nutrition facts and saw they have a lot of sodium and cholesterol, so I’m questioning the healthiness of it. Is it alright?

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It would be better to buy lean chicken breasts and cook them yourself. they are cheap, easy to cook, and all you have to do is cook them with nothing but some seasoning, and dont drown it in sauce. Also, drink skim milk, you get good calcium, carbs and protein with a nice bit of calories. Another thin you should worry about is the egss. They arent healthy, get egg whites and throw in 1 whole egg, thats much healthier

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